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"Fireplaces are keynotes of creativity in the history of decoration. Like nothing else in the house, they wrap up a wide variety of decorative and architectural needs and desires. Given this enormous significance, they deserve serious attention."
-Mark Hampton

There is nothing like the flickering flames of a wood burning fireplace to add cheer to the hearts of those sitting around it. A welcoming hearth, a romantic glow, an elemental pleasure, the fireplace is truly the symbolic center of the home, lending comfort, presence and warmth.

There is no doubt that a fireplace can enhance a room's character. The country hearth, an age-old symbol of hospitality, evokes warmth with its seasoned timbers. While the word hearth means "home" to most of us, in its literal sense it refers to the floor of the fireplace or the area in front of it, usually a slab of stone that protects the floor from heat and flying sparks. In its more extravagant incarnations, the hearth can take form in any number of materials, shapes and sizes. Along with its practical aspects, it works in tandem with the aesthetic of the fireplace, whether it's flush with the floor, recessed, or raised.


"We can never make the living room big enough,the fireplace important enough, or the sense of relationship between exterior,
interior and environment close enough,or get enough of these good things I've just mentioned,"
-Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous American architect, believed that the fireplace symbolized the unifying heart of the home.

Most new construction for single family homes includes a fireplace when the house is built. However, a fireplace can be added to just about any home not so equipped. Fireplaces are generally built in the living room or family room. At one time its location was dictated by the location of the furnace, to make use of a common chimney. Today with compact heating systems, the chimney is a metal pipe from the furnace flue straight through to the roof. The brick chimney or special prefabricated chimney can be placed to suit the best fireplace location in the home and room. Fireplace styles vary considerably from rather large ones with a wide opening to smaller or corner fireplaces. Although large pieces of wood can be burned in the larger fireplaces, regardless of size, experience has indicated that a certain ratio of height, width, and depth, should be maintained for best flow of air under and around the burning wood. Brick masonry is nearly always used for fireplace construction. Any type of brick may be used for the outside of the fireplace, but the firebox must be lined with firebrick or material capable of withstanding a temperature of 2000°F without cracking.

Remember: The primary reason for most fireplaces not operating well is poor construction.

We specialize in regular or custom designed and built masonry-firebrick fireboxes. Our custom designed and made fireplaces can come in all different brick colors and patterns and always comply with the NYC Building Code. We have successfully designed many beautiful, custom-masonry fireplaces in Manhattan. Our mission is to offer the highest quality work to satisfy customers.

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Herringbone Firebox

Custom Designed & Built Herringbone Split Firebrick Firebox for an
Existing Marble Mantel-Upper East SIde, New York, NY




Custom Built Firebrick Fireplace-Soldier Pattern

New Custom Built Firebox for a New, Modern Style Surround (Bulgarian Granite)
Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY


Kitchen Fireplace-Colonial Style

Fully Restored Colonial-Kitchen Fireplace-Greenwich Village Townhouse
New York City




Professionaly Restored Fireplace and Mantel

Custom Built Masonry Fireplace with 103 Type HT Chimney and Custom Mantel
Tribeca Loft, NYC




Fully Restored Masonry Fireplace and Marble Mantel

Fully Restored Masonry Fireplace, Granite Surround and Marble Mantel
Upper East Side, New York, NY




 Masonry Fireplace for Colonial Style Bathroom
Restored SmallMasonry Fireplace-West Village Townhouse, NYC

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