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Protect your chimney and fireplace !

Chimney caps are designed to serve a variety of functions, but primarily to keep the flue dry. The rain cap prevents water from entering your chimney. Rain can damage metal dampers and masonry fireboxes. Moisture very quickly can cause masonry deterioration. We recommend only high quality stainless steel chimney caps.

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Remember: A strong professional chimney cap prevents rain, animals, birds, leaves and debris from entering the chimney. Special chimney caps like premium quality Stainless Steel Vacu-Stack are intended to correct specific draft shortcomings. For solving wind-related problems, a crown-shaped cap, cone-shaped rotary or stationary Vacu Stack cap can be very effective.

Important: Rain caps can prevent down-drafting and stabilize draft upper changing conditions only. They cure most wind-related back puffing problems. However, they do not create updraft or solve more serious drafting problems. If you experience a constant downdraft problem, please look instead for an electric chimney fan.


We will be happy to advise and assist you in choosing a proper device.

Chimney Cap
Stainless Steel "Vacu-Stack" Chimney Cap

Dampers Repaired and Installed

A damper is a valve or plate located just above your fireplace for controlling draft or the flow of gasses, including air.

Important: The damper is really a "must" item for your fireplace. An open fireplace without a damper will allow more heated air to escape than would be lost by leaving a window open all winter.

The purpose of the fireplace damper is to prevent heat loss when the fireplace is not being used. It can also be used to regulate the rate of burning in the firebox. Additionally a top-sealing damper prevents rain and animals from entering the chimney.

According to the NYC Building Code, dampers are requirements and must be installed and used in all fireplaces.

We recommend Vestal cast-iron fireplace dampers and top-sealing chimney dampers. Our high quality dampers carry a lifetime warranty.

Remember: The damper of the fireplace must always be checked to make sure it is completely open before building a fire.


Chimney Damper
Stainless Steel "Spider" Top Liner Damper




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