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Chimney Pro specializes in designing, building and restoring regular or custom masonry fireplaces. All firebrick fireboxes are designed, carefully sized and hand-built with pride by skilled and experienced fireplace technicians. For a special request from our customers we can design brick fireboxes to your specifications, all forms, shapes, colors and sizes according to the New York City Building Codes and the National Fire Protection Association Standard No. 211. We guarantee that all our work is done to the highest quality standards unmatched by other chimney companies.

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All fireplaces and fireboxes viewed on this website were designed, built and restored in New York City by our skilled chimney and fireplace technicians and associates.
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Soldier Pattern Roman Type Firebrick Firebox

New Custom Designed & Hand-Built Firebrick Firebox-Soldier Course,
Roman Type Yellow Firebrick -Upper East Side, New York, NY




Herring Bone Firebox-Roman Type Brick Custom Firebox

New Custom Designed and Hand-Built Herringbone Firebrick Firebox,
Roman Type Yellow Split Firebrick-Park Avenue, New York City




Firebrick Firebox-Regular Buff Shiner Pattern Firebox

Regular Firebrick Firebox (Shiner Pattern)-Yellow Firebrick
West Side, Manhattan NY




Common Firebrick Firebox-Red Shiner Pattern

Regular-Red Firebrick Firebox-Shiner Pattern
Upper West Side, NYC




Yellow Shiner Firebrick Fireplace

New Regular Yellow Firebrick Firebox (Shiner Pattern) and Existing Marble.
Mantel After Restoration- Upper West Side-Manhattan, NY




Stretcher Course-Running Bond Red Firebrick Firebox

Red Firebrick Masonry Fireplace During Construction. Combination
of Stretcher & Shiner Pattern-Chelsea, New York City




Herringbone Firebrick Firebox-Yellow Split Firebricks

Custom Designed and Hand-Built Herringbone Firebrick Firebox-
Upper East Side, New York City




Traditional Firebrick Firebox-Stack Bond and Shiner Pattern
Old Style, Traditional Firebrick Firebox: Combination of Shiner
Pattern and Stack Bond - Upper West Side, New York, NY



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