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Happy Birthday to Us. Updated: January 22, 2016.

We are proud to announce, that this coming summer we will celebrate its 20th anniversary!

Oh No, Installation of any new wood-burning fireplaces in NYC is prohibited!!! Effective July 1, 2014. __Updated: July, 2014.

The NYC Air Pollution Control Code (Air Code) has been revised. The revised Air Code regulates fireplaces, wood stoves and wopod burning ovens. The Code revision will prohibit the installation of any new wood-burning fireplaces and require all new fireplaces in the City to operate only on natural gas or renewable fuels. Existing fireplaces will still be permitted to burn wood, but the moisture content of wood burned must be twenty percent or less as drier wood burns cleaner than wood with high moisture content. The new Code also provides that fireplace cannot be used as a primary source of heat. We really don't know whether to laugh or cry....

EXHAUSTO announces name change to ENERVEX effective January 1, 2011. __Updated: February 25, 2011.

Exhausto Inc., announced that it is changing its name to ENERVEX effective January 1, 2011.
According to ENERVEX: "The name change is designed to better reflect the depth and breadth of the company’s energy-efficient product offerings as it positions itself for future growth. The name change will not affect the company’s operations in any way, and customers should expect the same high level of quality service and support they’ve come to expect from EXHAUSTO".

The New NYC Construction Codes are Now in Effect. __Updated: October 16, 2008.

As of July 1, 2008, the New NYC Construction Codes are in effect. The first major revision and modernization of the city's building codes in nearly 40 years. The New NYC Codes are an important achievement for New York City. For the first time the city's code is modeled after the International Building Code. Remember that all factory-built chimneys and liners installed in NYC must be listed by nationally recognized testing and evaluation services as compliant with national standards (Standards for Listed Factory Built Chimneys and Liners), and shall be installed in accordance with the New NYC Construction Codes. The New NYC Building Codes require all listed flue lining systems for masonry chimneys (including corrugated and rigid liners) for use with residential-type and low-heat appliances to be listed to the UL 1777 Standard.
Additional important changes: The classifications of low-heat, medium-heat and high-heat chimneys have been modified. Factory-built chimneys for medium heat appliances shall comply with the UL 959. In addition, the requirements for chimney footings, foundations and fireplace smoke chambers have been established.
More news to come soon...

WARNING: Chimney Repair and Fireplace Cleaning Scams are on the Rise! -- Updated: July 14, 2008.

We would like to warn all homeowners in our area to be extra cautious. Chimney and fireplace cleaning and repair scams are on the rise. We always urge customers to be careful when choosing your future chimney company. Don't be afraid to ask for references. Shop smart!

Scammers usually offer a special on chimney cleaning or fireplace repair for a low price. They often claim that your chimney liner is damaged and needs to be replaced. Remember, there is no need to reline an already lined chimney unless your lining is in really bad condition. Ceramic (fireclay) liners are widely used and comply with the NYC Building Code. They usually provide good, reliable protection and don't need to be relined with stainless steel liners. We have seen many badly and unnecessarily relined chimneys in NYC. Don't let unscrupulous companies steal from you!

Don't get scammed: CLICK HER for additional important tips.

The MEA Division Transformation.-----Updated: June 05, 2008.

It appears that the MEA Division will transform into the Office of Technical Certification and Research (OTCR).
OTCR will continue to approve materials when the Codes require approval and will review new or alternative materials or systems.
According to the NYC Department of Buildings: "The Office of Technical Certification and Research will be responsible for implementing and administering several of the most important changes under the New NYC Construction Codes. Among these changes, OTCR will:

Installation of Vent Free Gas Fireplaces and Gas Logs in NYC.

We have been receiving a large number of questions and inquiries about unvented gas fireplaces and logs installation in New York City.
Remember: The installation of unvented, also called vent-free gas fireplaces, gas logs, gas fired space heaters, gas stoves and gas fireplace inserts in New York City is prohibited!

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Can Save Lives.

Remember: Almost every house or apartment in New York City must have a carbon monoxide detector.
All apartments and buildings that have working fireplace, furnace with boiler, and/or water heater that burns fossil fuel (gas, oil or coal) must have
a carbon monoxide detector installed. All carbon monoxide detectors must be UL Listed and installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instruction.

EW 40 - Wireless Fan Control From Exhausto Available Now!

One of our favorite companies, Exhausto Inc., has introduced The EW40-wireless fan control. The control is used to regulate Exhausto chimney fans and can be used with solid-fueled and gas-fired fireplaces. The EW 40 is for residential use. It's ETL Listed and comes with 2-year factory warranty. It offers automatic on/off.
More to come soon...

Important-January 10, 2008.

Warning: Be advised that copyrighted content of our website was stolen, copied and posted without our authorization or permission on another website. We have already contacted the appropriate local authorities and the Chimney Sweep Guild and informed them about this serious problem. We would like to warn all potential customers in our area to be extra cautious. has no connection to any other chimney or fireplace company. Furthermore, has not authorized anyone to use our own copyrighted materials i.e. pictures, website design, text, etc. All fireplaces in pictures posted on website were constructed by our technicians in New York City and should not be used on other websites (or elsewhere) without our written permission. We always urge homeowners to be careful when choosing your future chimney company. This is a good example of how unregulated this industry can be.
Update: The suspicious website was shut down on January 18, 2008.


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